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QotD: From Home

Question: How far do you live from the place "where you grew up?"

My Answer: I grew up near Erie, PA, and Boca Raton, FL is about 16 hours (if you drive fast) by car, three by plane, and about 1250 miles.

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10 Responses to "QotD: From Home"

  1. I grew up in NYC and now live in Ft. Lauderdale, with detours to Los Angeles, Casper WY, and Boca Raton in between.

  2. I grew up in Tampa, and still live here. I can't imagine living up north.

  3. Suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA to San Diego, CA - about 2,500 miles. About 2-4 days by car, depending on sanity.

  4. I live exactly 67 miles from where I grew up in Miami to my home in Deerfield Beach (about spittin' distance from Boca Raton). Hopefully before year's end I'll extend that by 3500 miles when my wife and I move to Seattle, WA.

  5. I grew up just outside Cleveland, Ohio and live in Orlando, Florida. It is approximately 1000 miles to Cleveland. 2.5 hours by plane and I made it in 16.5 hours by car. Just take I-4 to I-95 to I-26 to I-77 North. It gets a little hilly in the Mid-Atlantic states 🙂

  6. Erie, PA to Moraga, CA is 2731 miles according to mapquest.

  7. I grew up in Duluth, Georgia and now live in Marbella, Spain -- about 10 hours by plane.

  8. Beat you to that one, Gabe. I grew up in Boca and *now* live in Seattle. 😉

  9. About 20 minutes for me. Actually, I got back from Father's Day dinner with my folks.

    Funny timing on this posting - the subject was a common topic for me over the past few days. I'll be discussion tomorrow when I form coherent thoughts. 🙂

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