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Austin on TV

The first Austin Powers movie is on TV, and I caught it at the point when Vanessa (Liz Hurley) is talking to her mother on the phone. Part of the scene requires Vanessa to move her arm, a magnifying glass, a tea kettle, etc. just so to hide the Powers Penis. The "biting the sausage" part was eliminated.

In the next scene, Austin said "I never forget a kitty… cat." The original line is of course that he never forgets a pussy… cat.

I hate when movies are edited for TV. Parts are edited like above, it's 4:3 ratio, and there are commercials. Ugh. This is why I have DVDs.

5 Responses to "Austin on TV"

  1. I stopped watching theatrical movies on commercial television in 1988 when I realized exactly how much they take out, and the fact that it's not in the 'widescreen' format. DVD's rule.

  2. I have one movie channel on my digital cable because it was part of a discount package with the basic cable and internet connection. It's slightly better for movies cause they're not edited for content, but they're still 4:3. I occassionally catch a flick when I see something interesting, but I never TiVo any of it because I'd rather watch it widescreen.

    Interestingly, though, some stuff does get lost when you go 16:9. One of my friends was telling me about an older web site that compared the full- and widescreen versions of the Harry Potter DVD. The 4:3 version is obviously missing stuff on the sides, but the 16:9 is missing info from the top and bottom of center screen.

    Ideally, 16:9 should be identicial to the theatrical version, which is one of the reasons why I prefer it. However, it all depends on how the transfer's done.

    My friend thinks he's got the URL somewhere, but he's not sure if the site's active. If anybody's interested, I'll post of followup the next time I talk with him.

  3. I'm not sure if they edit movies that much here in Canada. It seems to me that if it is in the late evening anything goes on some channels. However, I wouldn't really know, since I hardly ever watch movies on TV. I agree, DVD is a much better experience.

  4. Oh they edit movies here all the time. (in Canada) However, most of the time its due to length and not content. 🙂 Especially in the afternoon, and early evenings when children will be watching. Of course it all depends on the channel. With channels like Showcase and Bravo nothing is ever cut. 🙂

    Of coruse you still have the comercials and the 4:3 aspect ratio.

    There is one problem with DVD's that I have found, they often try to squeze a 16:9 format picture so it is a little taller, causing the picture to be stretched. I am not sure if this is the DVD, or the DVD Player thats doing it. (Comercial player) But it drives me nuts.

  5. I think anything goes on Showcase. They show all this obscure artsy international stuff on showcase though. Half of it is bordering on softcore porn.