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soundtrack_icon.gifI got my copy of Final Cut Pro 4 yesterday when I returned from California. I've installed it, but haven't launched it yet. I have, however, launched Soundtrack, an app a friend of mine is working on as an intern with Apple this summer.

I've played with it only a little, but so far I must say that Soundtrack is worth the $499 (upgrade price) alone! With a bunch of sound loops, and a fairly intuitive (yet powerful) UI, Soundtrack had me creating professional (well, close) sound tracks in no time. Game developers may want to pick up Soundtrack - it may be an inexpensive way to create scores for their games. And hey, then they'd have Final Cut Pro 4 to play with as well!

If I ever write a sound track worth publishing, I'll do just that.

One Response to "Soundtrack"

  1. I'll be curious to know what ya think of the whole of the package!....