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FTPeel Public Beta 2

ftpeelicon.gifFTPeel Public Beta 2 is coming real soon now. A quick list of some of the bigger fixes and updates:

  • Some crashing bugs fixed. Some memory conserved (not leaked), etc.
  • MagicMirror greatly improved (and now recursive as it should have been in the first verison).
  • Directories can now be deleted.
  • Usernames with "non-token" URL characters (like @, /, space, *, etc.) now work. We had to work around a lame bug in the Omni Frameworks to get this one going.
  • Column view dramatically improved.
  • Full unicode support.
  • Actions are now cancellable (if things take too long, etc.)

Look for FTPeel Public Beta 2 in the next few days.

6 Responses to "FTPeel Public Beta 2"

  1. Mind sharing the OmniFrameworks bug & fix over at CocoaDev?


  2. Yes. That's not my site, and I don't like writing articles I know will be nearly immediately outdated.

  3. As promised, FTPeel Public Beta 2 is now available. A big change list is available. Features to come before release (in a month or so)...

  4. I was wondering if you could tell me which part of the OmniFrameworks can be used for parsing the tokens. I would like the app I'm working on now to have a similar capability (for a completely different type of app), but am finding the OmniFrameworks a bit bewildering as a Cocoa newbie.



  5. Ben, could you not infer from what I wrote above that I'd say "no" to that?

  6. I thought you meant you didn't want to share the code you wrote, naturally, since it's a commercial app. I thought you wouldn't mind sharing the name of the class to be used in the OmniFrameworks, especially since my app has nothing to do with FTP and likely won't even be distributed.