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I don't think it sucks, but I would only pay $1,000 for a Segway. I have absolutely no use or need for one. I walk to a few places - and would continue to walk to them if I had a Segway. It'd be nothing more than an expensive toy. I can't use it at work, I can't use it at home. I'd ride around the parking lot a little on sunny days and that's it.

In fact, I think the Segway appeals to very few people. Very few people have the space - or the $5,000 - for a Segway in their life. We drive long distances, and lazy people drive short distances. The Segway won't change that. There are no Segway parking spaces (nobody would leave it outside, and carrying it inside is a task in and of itself). It doesn't have much storage - my scooter is better equipped for trips to the grocery store.

I think it's nifty - and again I'd pay up to $1,000 for the toy - but that's all it is to me at this point. Nick - got a counterpoint?

3 Responses to "Segways"

  1. Segway? Why? This just shows that people are becoming more lazy and will look for any substitute for even the most simple physical activities - for example, walking. At $5K I figure I could buy a helluva lot of really cool shoes to help me get from "here" to "there" in "style."

    This isn't so much a counterpoint. Just another opinion. However, I wouldn't even consider it much of a toy. It doesn't go fast enough to be a thrill and supposedly there is no risk (GWB might have proved otherwise) in riding one. If I am going to pay $5K or even $1K for a "riding" toy, I want there to be a chance I can get really hurt - makes life interesting.

  2. I think that it would be nice to have on a big company campus. While MSFT has shuttles that run from building to building, it would be nice to be able to just go. Walking isn't much of an option (time and distance) and driving isn't either (parking). The Segway would fill the gap.

    With that said, 1k is my price point also.



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