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UT 2003 – Kinda

Unreal Tournament 2003 is out now, and I picked up my copy today. There's already a bug fix… for the installer! Some QA they have going on there, eh? What's worse is that it took me fifteen tries or so to get the installer to run at all, because my installer was crashing just after the EULA (the first screen to appear) popped up! The CD Key is the next screen.

At this rate, the install is going to take a year and a half. By that time the PC version of Unreal Tournament 2005 will be out.

6 Responses to "UT 2003 – Kinda"

  1. I worked at Electronics Botique when Myth II first came out and it had an installer/uninstaller bug in the Windows version. I think it was something like if you installed it in a non-default location and later ran the uninstaller, it could erase your hard drive.

    When I showed up for work that day, all the copies of Myth II were on a shelf at the front of the store. When I got back from lunch, the shelf was empty and all the copies of Myth II were boxed up for shipment back to Bungie. After confirming this was a Windows-only bug, I ducked into the back office and grabbed a copy of the game before my boss had a chance to seal the box.

  2. I purchased a retail copy of unreal tournament 2003 for the pc so i could play it on my linux system when it was released. Now that I have switched to mac and the unreal runtime was released for mac, i was hoping i would still be able to use my existing license/cd/cd-key on the mac. Unfortunately this is not the case. Why should i have to pay $70 CDN all over again for something i have already purchased?

  3. i want a cd key for unreal tournament 2003

  4. i wonder when ut2004 comes out in stores in finland

  5. i want a cd key for unreal tournament 2003

  6. has anyone got a fucking Unreal Tournament 2003 Cd KeyGenerator or what?

    plz email me back and no viruses.