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Guess Who is in Playboy?

playboy_survivor.jpgNot one, but both Heidi and Jenna (together) are in Playboy next month. Yes, both. If only Playboy could have found a redhead to complete the trio…

For what it's worth (jack squat, I know), Jenna is soooooo much more attractive. She's got natural breasts and brown hair. She's stuck up (or maybe she's overcome that by now, who knows?), and while Heidi's IQ may be high, her common sense and the way in which she, uhhh, "displays" her intelligence leave a lot to be desired.

I'm not sure if Jenna is the hottest Survivor ever, but she's certainly the hottest Survivor winner. How nekkid will they actually get? I guess that remains to be seen. From

The glut of reality shows has made even the most ardent tube watchers glassy-eyed. But the latest offering from Survivor is burned into our memory thanks to a pair of gorgeous young contestants -- Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel -- who made isolation and deprivation seem sexy.

For what it's worth, the words "Jenna," "Heidi", and "Playboy" have come up three times before on NSLog();: Survivor 6.7, Survivor 6.10, and QotD: Jenna in Playboy.

6 Responses to "Guess Who is in Playboy?"

  1. I've never watched Survivor, but I like hot, er, attractive, er-- no, honey, of course they're sluts!

  2. Ofcourse, here in Belgium, centre of the universe, we rehash all you american ideas and do our localized versions of stuff like survivor.

    Unfortunately, they never incorporate the babes 🙁

    I guess that's one of the percs you have in the US, a bigger genepool

  3. Survivor Babes

    From nslog(): Both of the most recent Survivor “bad” girls Jenna and Heidi will be fulfilling every (well, not quite)...

  4. A poilz

    Il y a quelque chose d'intéressant dans la façon dont la société aborde la nudité. On se souvient des projets...

  5. Wow, I must say that this was one HOT pictoral. I never thought of Jenna as sexy on TV, but when's she's not starving in the Amazon: oh my God!

  6. Gabe- you speak quite desirously of those girls, yet you also feel the need to demean them. Insecure?