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QotD: Coffee Makers

Question: What's your dream coffee maker?

My Answer: One that dispenses Coke.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

One Response to "QotD: Coffee Makers"

  1. One that gets all the variables right:

    * Proper brewing temperatures (195F-200F at sea level)

    * Proper dispersion of the brewing water over grounds

    * Sufficently long enough brewing (steeping) times

    * Stainless steel carafe

    * NO heating plate

    * NO timer (timers=stale coffee grounds)

    * Cone filter design (best for low volume home use)

    * Stainless steel components inside.

    BTW, this almost exists... Bunn makes a stainless steel carafe brewer, but it brews in too short a time, requiring more coffee than other brewers. And Capresso makes the MT500, which has almost all the above, but it has a stinky timer.

    A lil' more than you wanted to know, huh? "One that dispenses Coke" huff. 🙂