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QotD: Speed Limit

Question: If you could set the national speed limit, what would it be?

My Answer: 65. 55 is a bit slow, and at 65 most people go 70. 70 is decent - over a mile a minute - and yet not so fast that people go 100 (which some would if the limit was 75 or so). Another driver on the road going 100 MPH is scary, no matter how well they think they drive.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Speed Limit"

  1. At least up here (Tampa) the oldies drive several notches below the speed limit (70 would be GREAT).

    Usually they go more like 60 in a 70 which amounts to a bulk lane change followed by "ahh. they are old" glares.

  2. I'd say for the masses, 70-75 would be good. However, how about an American autobahn for the crazies like me who like to drive at 90?

  3. No limit, like here in Germany :).

  4. Speed Limits

    Eric of nslog() is talking about Speed Limits. Here in Germany we don't have a speed limit at the Autobahnen (kind of freeway). On the other streets it's 100 km/h (about 62 MPH). I love to drive fast. That don't...

  5. if i could not drive my car to 130mph(210kmh) from time to time, i would think i've a lameass car. but i have the possibility down here in .de

  6. No specific limit, i.e. what the traffic will take.

    Driving at more than 200 km/h on German autobahns does that to you... (about 120 mph). On the other hand, I don't even own a car anymore, since I live in a "big" city.