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The Element: No!

orange_element.jpgJosé and I went to a Honda dealer today to test drive a Honda Element. As I wrote before, I was considering an Element.

To make a long story short, the Element made me realize why I love my Aztek so much. The Element had two plusses: a polyurethane floor that can be hosed and/or swept and an auxiliary audio port (for an iPod or whatnot).

The Honda comes out to about the same cost, but has almost no standard features. Keyless entry? $150. Bungee cords on the back of the driver's seat? Extra. Everything is apparently available for an extra cost in a Honda. Moonroof? Non-mechanical and in the rear (wtf?). The entire Element felt "cheap" compared to the sturdy ruggedness of my Aztek. It was smaller, it was stumpier, and it didn't even have a passenger-side armrest.

The engine? Please. You don't pull a nearly 4000 lb load (the car and four passengers) with a 160 horsepower four-banger. Sorry. My 210 HP/V6/4000 lb Aztek had twice the kick the wimpy Element had. Though the Element and the Aztek are both rated for the same gas mileage, approximately, I get a realistic 25-35 MPG in my Aztek, and I think even the Honda would have a hard time matching that.

"Wimpy" and "Cheap" = Not the Car for Erik. Sorry, Honda. Your cars are bland and underpowered.

8 Responses to "The Element: No!"

  1. Heh, Elements are rather low-end in my estimation too. I think the Az, despite it's fugliness is a very versatile machine.

  2. Well, I'm glad you aren't getting one. I'd have to puke every time it drove by!

  3. Volkswagen now has an SUV-type car. It costs about $35,000, mind you, but I find it quite nifty. It's got a lot of standard features,...

  4. I'm glad you're not getting one too. I'd be ashamed to have an Aztek owner driving an Element. When you're on the side of the road with your Aztek in a few years, I'll stop by and give you a lift.

  5. The Element sucks. 🙂

    What makes you think I'll be on the side of the road any time in the next few years?

  6. No accounting for tastes, I guess. Aztek is the most ill-shapen car on the road. An SUV for soccer moms.

  7. Both are horrible, esp the element. Lets take the ugliest plasticy looking moonrover mobile designs we can and market them as versitle,economic and outdoorsy.

    Versitle? NO. Try and take either on any offroad trail that isn't gravel. The "4wd" on the element is a joke! They'd both get stuck in a ditch. Both have marketing showing the vehicles by hidden lakes or beaches. Whatever, sand/mud/most potholes would stop both!

    Economic? I get on average about 5mpg less than what the element boasts with my 4x4 truck WHICH WILL GO ANYWHERE. Don't let fancy options like better factory sound buy you. Its easy or cheap to have a MUCH better stereo installed.

    Bottom line: If you want to look trendy and buy useless vehicles to stand out have fun. In a couple years, while still making payments, you'll be sorry because everyone else will own one too. Remember when the stupid minis were getting big. They're all over now! If you want something thats useful and is easy to make unique and original, go for a real SUV or truck. If you absolutely need a car, suburu is the way to go.

  8. Are there any Honda Element owners out there who experienced easy breaking of windshields? I got mine in January 2003 and I am on my fourth windshield.