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QotD: Long Distance

Question: If you were starting a new relationship, what's your distance limit?

My Answer: Poorly worded question (my apologies), but perhaps my answer will clear it up. I'd date someone four hours (by car) from me. Four hours is close enough that I could drive to see my gal any time I had two days off, or even some nights on a whim for a nice dinner (that I like driving helps). Any more than that, though, and I think I'd find myself making excuses to stay home too many weekends. Of course, for a serious relationship with some time behind it, there's nearly no distance too far.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Long Distance"

  1. I met my girlfriend in my hometown (southern California), but she was going to school on the East Coast. But, she was an exchange student... she is from France. We figured we would try to make it work and, 15+ months later, it has worked great. With the internet, we can talk for free which makes it super nice... It's hard not seeing each other a lot, but we manage to see each other for a few weeks every 2-3 months. She is in school still and I am self-employed, which is why it works I guess as I can work from her apartment in France and she can come visit when she is on break. I couldn't imagine going 6-12 months without seeing her, so luckily it hasn't come to that. If anything, the long distance helps develop communication and trust, which is vital to any serious relationship. And it helps us not be too dependent on the other so we continue to develop into "our own person."

    Bottom line is its a) how much you care for the person and b) what your tolerance is for not seeing the person. For me, I know it is worth it because she's done with college in a year and will get a job in the US. Some people can't wait that long, which is totally understandable. But for me, I'm incredibly happy I gave it a try.

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    The 'question of the day' at nslog() today is If you were starting a new relationship, what's your distance limit? Due to my experience, I can't ignore this question! My opinion is, if it's a too long distance and the...

  3. Never underestimate how crushing long distance can be. When you see your other for 2 days every month, you begin to reconsider many things.

  4. 3 hours. 4 hour trips suck.

  5. I think it'd probably be better to get to know the person very well before splitting the distance. I started a relationship a few months ago, not really thinking that summer jobs would keep my girlfriend and I far apart (me in upstate New York, her in Maryland right outside of DC). We'll have seen each other a few days a month by the time we're together for school again. The trip doesn't bother me, but it definitely would if the relationship wasn't as strong as it was; I completely agree with Eric on his point a).

  6. I live in the West Coast (Oakland, CA) and he lives in the East Coast (Ft. Lauderdale, FL). So far we have been together for a lil over a month. I will be going down to Florida this coming Friday for the weekend to spend time with him. The way i see it, when it comes to love, there are no limits. Communication and trust is a must. We talk to eachother like 5 times a day and for hours before going to sleep. So far, it hasnt been difficult, but I keep telling myself its only been a lil over a month!