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QotD: Expensive Hobbies

Question: What hobby would you have if money was no object?

My Answer: I think golf would become an even bigger fascination. I'd play more - I'd fly to place at various courses. I'd hobby-ize my whole life, perhaps developing golf software or attempting to study golf course architecture. I'd be a golf nut. More so than I am already, that is. As it stands, golf is a pricey hobby, no doubt about that.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Expensive Hobbies"

  1. Definitely collecting vintage and new computers.

  2. Race car driver.

  3. I think I'd just be able to afford my current hobby of audiophile. My headphones alone are worth...almost $1000 including my amp. Yes, I have an amplifier for my headphones, and yes it costs $350. But listening to them is heaven. And that doesn't evne include the 30 Gb iPod. I have all the headphones because they're a cheaper way to achieve sonic bliss than with speakers. I can't afford to get an amazing 2 channel system, let alone surround sound. But I am enjoying my Sony/Klipsh setup for now.

  4. Totally agree on golf. I've read about guys who go around every year just to play each of the top 100 rated courses, what a blast that would be. Most of them at least are in areas that the wife would want to visit too. I had the chance to walk Pebble Beach on the weekend of the 2000 US Open and I can only imagine how awesome it would be to play.

  5. Two hobbies: First, golf. I love playing the game, and I'd to play it even more if I could play anywhere I wanted. A dream of mine would be to play at St. Andrew's in Scotland.

    Second hobby: R/C cars. I used to do this when I was younger, but you need a lot of money for new parts, upgrades, new controllers, new cars...

  6. Can I make up a hobby called tech? It would basically include any tech toy or gadget you can think of, computers, tv, stereo, game systems, etc. That way I can have every cool little toy around.

    If not, I'd go with skiing. I'd love to be able to jump from resort to resort in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana all winter. Then in summer fly down to Chile and New Zealand.

  7. Terraforming?

  8. If money were no problem, I'd probably give my shot at the America's Cup. 😉

  9. If money was no object I'd indulge my passion for ancient weaponry, specifically oriental swords

  10. I would enjoy space travel , i would also trevel into the depths of the oceans to discover what lies beneath?.