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Quake 3 Framerates

Heh heh heh:


The human eye can only really see about 60 fps. I chuckle when I see things like this. Yeah, I know they're useful as "benchmarks" of some sort or another, but they're still pretty funny. Heck, some of my console games don't consistently hit 60 fps, and soon I'll have a machine that may very well average 250 fps in high resolution, effects-up-all-the-way glory! (Image from here.)

6 Responses to "Quake 3 Framerates"

  1. the human eye cannot see 60 frames per second. it can perceive flickering in the peripheral regions at rates below that, but we can differentiate about 15 or so frames at most.

    but, these numbers are not totally worthless. when things really heat up in these games, especially in network games, and you have 10 or more moving models on the screen (so that framerates go down), then framerate is what lets you move smoothly and stay on top of what happens.

    so even if these numbers are WAY beyond anything we can perceive, they still make sense in the context of a shooter.


  2. Thank you for a lesson in "duh."

  3. hello! does somebody know how i can see how many FPS i have i q3?

  4. hello! does somebody know how i can see how many FPS i have in quake 3 arena?

  5. Mr. Noname: type

    /seta cg_drawfps 1

    into the quake3 console.

  6. thanks