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touareg.jpgVolkswagen now has an SUV-type car. It costs about $35,000, mind you, but I find it quite nifty. It's got a lot of standard features, should hold its value pretty well, and has that typical VW austerity and elegance.

Given my recent hunt (though calling it that implies that I was actually seriously contemplating trading off of my Aztek), I feel safe in saying that this may be my next car in a few years, who knows? Find more out about the SUV with the funny name, the Touareg, at

8 Responses to "Touareg"

  1. Now you're talking! I *fully* endorse that decision :-).

  2. VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne are like a brother and sister. For example they have the same undercarriage (from the same manufacture). Of course, porsche has better motor and little bit different look. Costs more 🙂 But similarity could encourage your decision.

  3. Funny name? The name Touareg comes from an African tribe (well-known in Germany) that is known for surviving in harsh conditions, including the Sahara. I'll bet $10 they think Palm Beach is a funny name...

  4. hmm being german myself and knowing alot 🙂 - i can say nobody (or very few) associates "touareg" with an african tribe or so. it's just a name of a car

  5. Hmm...VW seemed to think differently...

  6. yeah i read that article - i googled to find where you got that "and the Touareg tribe is well known in Germany" from. if they write that - ok. but it is imho not true. so vw has a good explanation for "touareg". some of their cars lack this. why "passat" and "golf" (look for translations/synonyms at i really don't know

  7. The Touareg are a nomadic tribe from the desert in Africa.

    the car is apparently rubbish - as an off-road car.

    This is according to Top Gear (UK car program).

  8. People don't off-road in SUVs. So who cares?