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New Goggles

I picked up my new glasses today. The ones I thought were Express were actually Esprit, and you can "see" them online here. Kinda. Esprit essentially has zero web presence, and only a postcard site for US residents. Pathetic.

I'm going to put these glasses through the stress test throughout the day (by wearing them) - though I guess I should take my old ones along just in case I start to get a headache or feel a bit odd. They're only a tad different than my last prescription, but that may be enough to cause some discomfort until I adjust.

Incidentally, I'm happy with the place I chose. They're very "homey" in a good way. They're very efficient, very polite, and very "real." They're not like some prefabricated "Lens Express" or "Eyeglasses World" or whatever. It's a doctor, his secretary, his assistant. The kind of people with which you feel like you could develop a (patient/doctor) relationship. That's a good thing.

One Response to "New Goggles"

  1. The URL has since changed. Those aren't my glasses.