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Project Greenlight II (ep. 2)

I caught the last half of Project Greenlight on HBO last year, but this year I made a note to watch it from the get-go. There are no commercials, so the show packs into an hour what most shows seem to pack into a month of half-hour sit coms.

If I had to pick one word to describe the show, that word would be "intense." The winners are under intense pressure to do the right thing, to immediately "get it" and step up. The writer seems to get it - the directors are total fuck-ups so far.

It's tough to say how I'd act in such a situation, but I can recall how I have acted in the past, even as recently as this week. At any time, in nearly any situation, I'm vocal. I have an opinion, and I give it. I'm not much for saying "how do you want to do things?" I expect those with opinions to share them, and I expect them to receive mine. I can do what someone else wants if their idea is better (or more popular, though grudgingly in that case). Basically, unlike these Kyle and Efram dudes, I'd have said "I don't want that fucker in my movie" if I didn't want him in my movie.

Chris Moore comes off as an ass, but hey, he's the type who gives his opinion, and frankly, that's something I respect. I don't support the fact that Jeff the curly red-haired weasel is back. I think he was one of the weakest parts of last year's season, along with the writer/director. Chris said "it's like they're waiting for shooting so they can take over. They need to start now!" He's right. At one point Efram was told he wouldn't be editing, and Chris sensed that he wanted to and said "you have to stand up and fight if this is something you believe in." Efram sat there on his hands.

One of my favorite parts of a DVD is the director's commentary. If these guys were to do a director's commentary at this point, you'd simply hear dialog. They may kick in an occasional "I really like this scene" and that's it.


The show, though, is intense. This is pressure. This is "you have six months to cast, shoot, edit, and produce and entire movie." That's intense. And I for one love it so far.