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QotD: Lies

Question: How many times per day do you lie (to anyone, including yourself)?

My Answer: About two. I usually "lie" about how much I get done in a day (to myself), and I usually lie about how much food I've eaten (again, to myself). I really should eat more (and not set my goals so unreasonably). Hmmm.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Lies"

  1. does *not* telling someone what you did (or didn't do) considered a lie? hmm, i hate having to think about morals/ethics.

  2. I think there are lies by omission, and omissions that aren't lies. If you're married, and your wife asks you what you did with that Jennifer girl, and you leave out the fact that you had sex twelve times the night before, well, that's a lie in my book.

    But if your friend asks you "what's up?" and you reply "nothing" that's a different story altogether. I don't consider "summarizing" in such a situation to be lying. You could say "watchin' the game, havin' a Bud" (to which your friend would say "true, true"), or you could say "not much." Six of one, half dozen…

    The middle is the grey area.