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April Fools, Errr, Close Enough

Today I made an AppleScript application. Then I put that AppleScript in the Applications folder and added it to my Login Items. Next, I copied my loginwindow.plist, removed the script from my Login Items, and pasted my loginwindow.plist over someone else's.

The AppleScript?

ignoring application responses
  tell application "loginwindow" to «event aevtrlgo»
end ignoring

Immediately after logging in, they'll be logged out. 🙂 Office hijinks for geeks! Note to those affected: hold shift down when you log in and Login Items won't be launched.

P.S. "aevt" = AppleEvent, "rlgo" = "really log out". Satisfied?

2 Responses to "April Fools, Errr, Close Enough"

  1. I wrote a similar script and posted it as part of my april fools mac trick round up. If I remember correctly it restarts the computer... If you have auto log-in it's the same difference I suppose.

  2. You're one mean drunk, Superman 😉