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How Not to Ask a Question on a Mailing List

Safe to say, I won't be visiting for software any time soon.

From: Luca Torella <(removed)>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 20:03:44 +0200
To: cocoa-dev
Subject: toolbars in Cocoa

Could somebody help me with Toolbars?


I'm reminded of some phrase with "helps those who help themselves"…

9 Responses to "How Not to Ask a Question on a Mailing List"

  1. Here's a tie-in to the grammar post...from the About page of their website.

    "This is what TorellaSOFT do:"


  2. Just a flying leap here but might the email address just be luca@.....

    I would cut the kid a break... he is young and doesn't seem to have a grasp of the english language.

  3. It's just some freaky looking Italian guy on an old iMac. He probably hasn't learned much English yet (or Cocoa for that matter).

  4. The point is not that he's young - I encourage that. The point is that he's going to have to learn - quickly - how to better ask questions if he'd like good (helpful) responses.

  5. Mr. Torella's company appears to be based in Italy, as his the whois entry shows below:

    Ed: Info Removed

    However, I saw that post on the mailing list as well, and referred the gent to the Apple documentation. I also felt like suggesting he take a look at a History of Hacking, but stopped short of actually suggesting this.

  6. I removed the guy's personal information from the post above. I don't care where he's from or what language he speaks - the point is that he should learn - quickly I hope - how to ask a question in a way that nets a good response. "Help me please" ain't it.

  7. Surely someone linked him to this:

    There should be a bot running on #cocoa-dev that sends this URL to messages under say 150 characters.

  8. Yes, I did link him to, but left finding the appropriate page to him.

  9. What about just asking him to send more information?

    His problem was that there was 2 autorelease on one data. Otherwise, his code was working thing.