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MS to Pay Dividend

It seems Microsoft is going to pay a dividend, something they rarely do. At about a buck a share, Bill Gates is set to net about $1,180,000,000. Said one Slashdot reader:

Dear Mr. Gates, please choose one of the following:
[ ] damned if you do
[ ] damned if you don't
[ ] just plain damned
[ ] all of the above

I rarely, rarely read /. comments, but the ones that stand out - like the above - catch my eye. And as far as MS paying a dividend (and Bill G netting a cool $1.18B), well, I just don't care. I don't own any MS stock, so I won't be getting any dividends.

One Response to "MS to Pay Dividend"

  1. I don't follow that comment. I just don't get it.

    It's great to see Microsoft giving a dividend. They have far more cash than they need, so they should be giving some of it back to investors. As for Gates getting $1.1 billion, that's even better. I'd much rather have Gates with the money than Microsoft. Microsoft just holds on to its money, but Gates will donate all of his to charity before he dies. Regardless of what you think of Microsoft, you have to admit that the Gates Foundation does a lot of wonderful work.