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A few days ago I had a headache. It was a headache I've had before, and so I remedied the situation and ate some food. Then I got to thinking about the state of "hunger" and how, for the past year or two, I've basically become a stranger to that feeling.

I'm never hungry.

I don't eat much - even less than in college, which was even less than I ate during high school - and yet I'm never hungry. I'm just as active. I still crave food - a steak, some ice cream, whatever - but I honestly can't remember the last time I was hungry.

I vaguely recall what being hungry was like. I have gone a entire days without anything more than a few Cokes, so I've got to actually be hungry. I play tennis, I skate, I work, I bike. Yet I'm not hungry. My body never says "feed me!"

I miss being hungry. From what I recall, food tasted better when you were hungry. I hope I'm hungry sometime soon…

24 Responses to "Hungry"

  1. That's a little strange. Sounds as if your stomache isn't sending the right signals. 😛

  2. I feel good when I go to bed at night and feel hungy, of course not too hungry, just enough. Not sure why.

    Have you tried starving yourself? Do you get a headache when hungry?

  3. I tend to 'forget' to be hungry when I'm busy.

    For me being hungry doesn't make the food taste better, it just makes me eat too fast. Which in turn makes me feel a bit sick.

    Even without really being hungry I can think about food all day, though 🙂

  4. You body knows when it is hungry; your stomach growls. Everybody is different.

  5. I have the exact same problem. I dont eat much at all. I am looking for possible causes for this absurd situation. Unless you experience this, a person cannot imagine how frustrating it is to never be hungry! Any suggestions?

  6. i agree. ever since i started living int he dorms at school i'm never hungry. it doesnt matter how little i eat i'm just never hungry. and i have a slender build so when i do eat i get this stomach that makes me look like im pregnant which makes me not want to eat! why is that

  7. crazyness... that's my problem too... I'm really skinny and I want to get bigger, but everytime I think I'm getting hungry I eat maybe half of whats on my plate then I get full! it sucks. I want to be able to eat more.

  8. i have had exactly the same problem for a year now. i used to get hungry regularly (twice or three times a day - in rhythm with meals) but now i am never hungry unless i eat literally nothing for 2 days. it is very frustrating. however i have discovered i have candida in my intestines and also an imbalance in my stomach acid. my guts never rumble or feel acidic so i reckon this is the problem. i also get cravings (for sugar mainly due to the yeast in my guts) but no actual stomach growling, all consuming hunger. i could easily go a day without eating (and indeed feel a lot more energetic if i do) but this is not good. the key is acid balance i feel... i'm going to try to rebalance it and see what happens.

  9. ive found that im NEVER hungry.... i eat because i have too, i dont understand how i can eat and drink so little but be so active..... when i do 'fancy' having a good munch i always end up too full to finish my meal.... im slim but not so slim im nothing but skin and bones. i am muscular and have VERY little fat

  10. about 8 months ago my ability to feel 'hunger' just vanished somehow. in the past, if i was late having lunch my body would sure tell me. but now, like you, i pick up when i really need to eat from headaches, crankyness, etc. i still eat, of course, only i never feel a drive to do so apart from concious choices and for the taste. and i exercise daily. first it was good, cos i've lost a lot of weight without even having to try. but now i'm on the very lower margin of the 'healthy' BMI range.. so have to be very careful to 'remind' myself to eat enough each day.

  11. Im 15 and ive been having this same problem for 4 years now, i cant stand it, i weigh 102 and im 5 foot 3, everyone thinks im anorexic, but im not. i just cant find myself hungry ever so i mostly eat about a banana and a cup of yogurt then im full.

  12. I have the same problem. it is SO annoying. I haven't felt hungry for years. I can eat however much I want without feeling full, or go a long time without eating and not feel hungry at all. I'm pretty normal weight because i LOVE food. but I do miss being hungry.

  13. wow ... i lost my my sense of being hungry last week ... along with a few other symptoms including fatigue ... i can never tell when i am full or when i am hungry - and i can go for days ... this is so not me ... i am always hungry lol ... it also makes me moody ... lol ... i have read up on a lot of things online ... and lots of different things can cause this ... you all should get checked out too ... supposedly this small problem can stem from many bad illnesses / diseases which can be fatal

  14. I have the same problem. It seems as if I am never hungry. And when I do eat I feel the same as before. It feels like I ate nothing. I know this is a strange feeling, I got a check up at the doctor and blood work done and they said nothing is wrong. But I know something is wrong because this is not normal! How can I possibly not be hungry? I'm not anorexic, bulimic, etc. I've gained ten pounds, and I do not understand.
    The symptoms I would get:
    Fatigue, nausea (feeling like vommitting), dizzness, headaches, the feeling of fainting, shakiness, etc.

    After I would get this I would try to eat and then I felt worse if I ate. It seemed as if nothing would help. Now things are getting better and I did nothing at all. I'm not feeling hungry. And I don't know why? I just eat because its time to eat. I need help, please help me if you know what I am having.

  15. im like NEVER hungry and I hang out with people and like my boyfriends always like you need to take better care of your self and everyone nags on me for not being and I feel like im the only one im not anerexic and don't look like it eitheri just hate never being hungry I drink a lot of fluids I love juice ..if any one call help me please DO

  16. I am with you all, I am not a foodie. I don't even think about eating until the afternoon. When I do eat, I feel exhausted and sometimes I get really cold. Other times, I just get full really quickly. I just never think about food, I eat because I know I have to. I wonder sometimes if I have a worm or something in my tummy. I am a sucessful lawyer with a great figure, just not that in to food. It is weird and I hope that I dont have some disease!!!

  17. Wow, I didn't realize others experienced this annoying "not hungry" feeling. Especially in the morning the thought of food makes me severly nausiated. I don't get hungry till around 5pm..and then I can't think of anything that I want to eat. I can feel my body saying eat, yet I have no appetite or idea of what to eat. It's a struggle everyday. I'm not anorexic and I do not look like it either, I am thin, but not unnaturally.

  18. I am 14 and I have been feeling like this for a long time and now I am getting worried and my mom is going to have doctors take a look and I hope they don't put anything up my butt. I don't get hungry, and if I do then it goes away in 2 minutes and then I force myself to eat because I know my body must need food, but then after I eat, I can't eat a lot and then I feel like vomiting and dizzy. It lasts an hour and then I am ok. I'm not anorexic or bulemic so if anyone can tell me what is wrong please give me some advise and I will tell you what my doctor says.

  19. Oh wow, I never knew people felt what I feel, I mean I never get hungry, and when I do, well If the food isnt instant infront of me, by the time I make it, i'm not hungry anymore.. I just don't think it's normal. My energy levels have dropped majorly, as well as my attention span, I've been told it could be stress related, because i'm under alot of stress, but Still.. i cant just not eat, when i do eat, I almost feel like im gunna throw it up.. or I feel extremely full, my parents get mad at me for not eating the food they make..At night, I wake up with these chest pains, and I dont know what they are.. my mom says its just air bubbles, but I really don't know what to do. I think im going to go see a doctor, cause I could be majorly sick..

  20. You know, I woke up one morning, not hungry at all. Then had a really bad headache so I thought maybe it was a sign to eat something and I threw up everything . After that, I just haven't felt hungry anymore. I thought maybe if I didn't eat for a couple days I might be hungry again. But I wasn't. I went from friday to monday night without eating and I still wasn't the least bit hungry. I did have a craving for some waffles but when I had the chance to eat them I just didn't want them anymore. I don't know what's going on but like Rachelle said, I get chest pains a lot, I'm almost always tired, I even slept 15 hours one day and still had to take a nap. I don't know if it might just be stressed since it's the end of my first semester at college or what. If anyone has any answers I'd like to know what's going on. My friend said it might be pregnancy, but I use birth control, and I had my period last month. Plus it says that when you're pregnant, you're always hungry. Help me! 😥

  21. omg me 2. im like never hungry and when i am i take like 2 bites and im full again. some people have asked me if im anorexic and im not. im just not hungry. one of my friends said its cause im sporty and active but im not 2 sure. like i can eat half a poptart for breakfast and not eat anything till the next day. and when i do eat i feel sick after, like i ate 2 much. iv noticed iv lost weight 2. and its kinda freaking me out.

  22. I feel the same way, but eat anyways cause if i dont i feel like my metabolism will slow down. i dont think i was hungry one time today, i ate a bunch of sample foods then went with my freind and had a 8 inch tuna sub(it was huge), then went and had some matcha green tea..I ate alll that and i wasnt full after i ate it, not to mention the 2 cookies...she was supposedly starving i did an hour workout(strength training) before and i still wasnt hungry!!!! and after i ate i wasnt full either. the reason it annoys me so much is i never know when to eat cause im not hungry and i dont know when to stop cause im not full. i usually dont eat that much but the cookies were free and i have a good appetite. and im not overweight~erica

  23. i like haven't felt hungry either in a long time when i eat i feel sick but when i eat later that day the feeling of sickness goes away

  24. i have the exact same feeling, im never hungry, i eat when i see someone else eat and i happen to eat a lot..... my roommate eats almost 5 times a day and i do as she does.. when i realised that im probably overreating i decided to eat only at night....i dont know when to stop once i start eating because im never hungry......i hate eating a lot because im afraid i get fat but it doesnt feel right when i eat a little....its like i have to eat a lot... my mind doesnt register when to start or when to stop i just eat.....