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Consider the placement of Google AdSense ads on Cocoa Dev Central a test balloon. The ads won't appear on this site any time in the near future - and probably never if Google continue to offer only two inflexible styles - but I'm hopeful that enough people will click on the ads at Cocoa Dev Central that I can get the site to pay for its share of the hosting. 🙂

And yes, Gruber's article prompted this. If you guys want to contribute to me, well, I've already got an established means of doing that! Granted, that's also a multi-person company, but I'm simply saying it's already set up to handle payments, and you get some pretty great software as a thank you gift.

One Response to "AdSense"

  1. I saw Gruber's article, and I thought the same thing myself.

    You don't any money if you don't get any clicks... so nobody would make a style that you couldn't see. I don't see why Google doesn't either give all of it's elements undefined CSS styles (that you can then define) or offer a basic color chart type of thing on their page. If you can merge the ad into your page better, more people will use them. Just my 2 cents.