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Blog at Your Own Domain

As much as I'm looking forward to the impact of AOL Blogs and TypePad (MT power for the masses!), I do wish to stress this:

Final lesson from this situation: never, ever blog at a domain that's not owned by you. Don't blog on your employer's site, don't blog on your blogging application's site - make sure your blog lives (and stays!) on your own domain.

From Rich Klau. The rest of the article is worth reading, especially if you're a Winer conspiracy theorist.

6 Responses to "Blog at Your Own Domain"

  1. I can't seem to reach mr. Klau's site.

  2. The great bit bucket in the sky

    It seems to me there's a very simple solution to this, that, for me, outweighs any risk of my web-based life disappearing into the great bit bucket in the sky, and that's simply this: back up your files.

  3. TypePad will let you have your own domain... 🙂

  4. That's a good point. I'd hate to have my blog just taken down. I don't actually own my domain. My uncle owns it and hosts it, I figure that's a close enough relationship for it to be safe.

    However, some people have no choice. If it weren't for Blogspot and now Typepad and these AOL blogs many people wouldn't have a blog. You can't expect everyone to buy a domain and hosting or a server. Unless people don't blog on their own domain, at least initially, Blogging with IMO remain a mainly geek business.

  5. Erik, I have the IP of that spammer if you want it?

    He got me this afternoon as well.

  6. I added him already. That's one of the benefits of getting emails. But thank you - I appreciate it.

    Every time something like that happens (comment spam) I consider whether having a blog is worthwhile or just another pain in the ass.