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Haircuts are Moments of Zen

You sit in a comfortable chair, your feet often dangling. The scissors make quick, precise snips with an abbreviated "shhhhhhhht" sound. Your head is gently pushed and pulled this way and that. Your eyes are closed (to avoid the falling hair). Oftentimes, there's no conversation. Yes, indeed, haircuts are little zen moments.

Regardless of the experience, I'm never 100% thrilled with the result. I like my hair short - so short it dries nearly instantly with a quick towelling - but not so short that I can't part it. I like it straight across at the ears and tapered in the back. Probably not too hard, right? Your basic no-maintenance "geek" "another thing not to think about" kind of haircut. Daily care? I wash it, I dry it. I run a brush through it about ten times. That's ten brush strokes. Max.

Today's haircut is a little long on the top. I worry what this will look like if the sides grow out at the same rate - will I look a little top-heavy? It looks "decent" now - that's the best I can say for most haircuts - so it should suffice. Still, a little more wouldn't have killed the guy.

P.S. Asking a guy "look ok?" while his glasses are still sitting on the counter isn't fair.

7 Responses to "Haircuts are Moments of Zen"

  1. in the last years some friends of mine did the haircut instead of hairdresser. okay so far. one day a date was canceled so I went to a professional. she gave my head a massage after washing and no talk while she scissored. TRUE, haircuts are little zen moments. 🙂

  2. I particularly agree on the head-massage thing. Even more so since watching About a boy.

    Even with glasses I find the 'OK?' question hard. I don't usually see myself, so I am not the best judge on this. Besides, the person who cut my hair usually knows much more about hair styles than I do...

  3. You don't talk to your hair stylist? I talk it up. It's like a $15 therapy session. 🙂

  4. Just shave it. Thats requires no-maintenance.

  5. Uh, except shaving it daily…

  6. Ha, I have you beaten! My curly hair only requires washing and drying! (Combing it would only make it look more like an afro, which is not something I want.)

    It's also more utilitarian, because I can store my writing implements in it. (Not that I actually do that, of course. But it's nice to know I have the option.)

  7. That's why I never had a haircut in 10 years and running now. I think it's overpriced and I am never pleased with the result.