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PulpFiction Work Continues

Andy and I had a good discussion re: PulpFiction today. We both shared our opinions, we both agreed on what we feel are the best approaches, and in the end, PulpFiction is a simpler, more elegant, and also more cohesive, powerful piece of software.

PulpFiction will only run on Panther, and as we sit around waiting for our copies, we realize that we're fine with that decision. PulpFiction's audience will be the variety that will install Panther the day it ships, so we're not worried about that. Instead, we're looking forward to getting a bit of a leg up on apps that are compatible with 10.2 (or even 10.1).

We're going with an approach very similar to one of the free apps you get with your OS, and it will probably be a non-textured app. Toolbars look bad in metal, and PulpFiction doesn't meet the "guideline" criteria for texturing, so we're not going to texture it. We reserve the right to change our minds, of course, and we're fairly neutral in the "we hate textures" arguments that pop up every 1.3 nanoseconds.

One Response to "PulpFiction Work Continues"

  1. I think metal toolbars look particularly bad in Panther. The stronger line that they now draw across the bottom looks icky to me.