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Driving Points

Florida takes your driving license away if you accumulate 12 points on your driving record in 12 months, 18 in 18, or 24 in 36. After three years, I guess your points drop off. Today I got mail claiming:

Conv. Date     Court       Points      Speed
----------     -----       ------      -----
01-31-02       PALMBCH     3.0 PTS     50/35
08-26-02       GEORGIA     4.0 PTS     83/65
12-13-02       PALMBCH     4.0 PTS     65/45

There's two things wrong with this: the offense dates are 12-28-01, 05-24-02, and 10-31-02 respectively. Fortunately, the timer counts from the offense date, not when the paperwork goes through, meaning that my first offense was over a year and a half ago (18 months).

Secondly, and far more importantly, the latter case was dismissed. I fought them, I won. The first ticket I paid (I was passing someone who was going about 20 and really, really pissing me off). The latter two: no no no. So what the hell are they still doing on my list? The Georgia one was costly because I had to drive six hours back to Georgia to fight it, but it was also a $190 ticket, and I got some peaches, so that was worthwhile. The other one was defeated with a simple scientific principle (the cop used a laser and thought I hadn't done my research, I guess).

Someone will be getting a call soon. The record will be corrected.

For what it's worth (for me), the scenarios are as follows:

  • 12 in 12: 30 day suspension
  • 18 in 18: 90 day suspension
  • 24 in 36: 365 day suspension

This has a lot of other ramifications, including my insurance. You can bet I'll be harping on someone to get this fixed - pronto - in the very near future.

5 Responses to "Driving Points"

  1. What was the problem with the laser? I haven't done research on it as I haven't gotten a ticket.

  2. It can be about 20 feet wide at 1/4 mile, for example (though that number decreases as they use better lasers). That, and I "proved" that the courtroom was moving 6 MPH by pointing the laser at the wall, jerking it really fast, and pulling the trigger. This, of course, after a 20-minute wait while they found a laser gun. I was quite surprised it worked, actually - I thought they'd fixed that. 😛

  3. Yeah, let me know what happens with this. I'd be really interested to find out how they deal with it.

  4. They're closed every time I call. I have some time Monday, so Monday it will be. 🙁

  5. who are you talking to to remove your points? I was just let go from my job because I have more than the allowable (7) points on my license. Any help anyone can offer me will help. I am calling lawyers today, but so far havent found the right type of law. argh 🙁