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Jeff writes about what he calls (or maybe someone else did and he's ripping them off) "Infornography." I know I haven't got a problem - I have a HipTop, errr, SideKick I rarely use. I gave away my Palm III. My 12" PowerBook goes largely unused. Sure, I'm online all day, but I'm also wandering around, reading a book, doing something athletic, or whatnot. I love it when I'm wired, but I like to be unwired too.

I'm not a geek, but I play one on the Internet. 😉

5 Responses to "Infornography"

  1. Infornography is the title of an episode of the anime Serial Experiments Lain.

  2. I could put that Powerbook to good use if you don't want to. 🙂

    And Lain is one kickass series, BTW.

  3. Always On

    I've got a definite heirarchy to my interactions, and online interactions are definitely at the bottom of the list. If I'm dinking around on a webpage or website, an IM message will take priority. IMs or chat sessions will be put aside for telephone ca...

  4. I wrote yesterday that I don't suffer from Infornography. However, I do suffer from NADD: You enjoy the content fire hose. Give me tabbed browsing,...

  5. No mater where you are everyone is always connected.