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Style Master 3.0

Two or three years after the release of Mac OS X, Style Master 3.0 - a CSS editing app - is out. In that time, I've simply taught myself enough CSS that I don't need to use an editor, and that - in fact - I'm slower with an editor. Primarily, I had given CSSEdit a try.

I reviewed Style Master 1.1 or 2.0 (or perhaps both) for Apple Wizards when I ran that zine, and I recall rating it quite highly. I also helped to find an issue with the development environment and ACTION! Files. The developer is a nice chap, and so I encourage you to give the software a try.

P.S. I'm not too keen on what is probably that same development environonment's version of drawers. They look different and probably behave differently, and that's A Very Bad Thing™.

3 Responses to "Style Master 3.0"

  1. CSSEdit makes it much easier for me to change around colors on my blog's style sheet. When it comes to writing a new one though, vi is where its at.

  2. That development environment, huh... looking at the Style Master 3 screens and a few apps made with that IDE, looks like, er, the developer of that particular IDE managed to implement real toolbars and sheets but not real drawers. I wonder what's up with that.. 🙂

  3. No, that's what drawers look like in Carbon. Supposedly that's the new look, but they didn't have the time to move the new design to Cocoa. Forgot to check last time I booted Panther whether they'd moved it.