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QotD: Lover’s Past

Question: If you could find out something about your lover's sex life before you knew them, what would you ask?

My Answer: I'd ask if her perception of romance has been fulfilled by the men in her past (sexually). If not, then I'd know to tread with caution, because an ounce of the Erik is far too potent for those unequipped to handle the, bah, ok, that's just me talking out of my ass. The real answer would be, uhhh, I don't care. I don't really care if someone's slept with 0 or 1-0-0 people. I don't care if they were hogtied to a fence and branded with a cattle poker. I care a lot about the person I'm with, who she may be with me, and where things between us will go. That, and that she's not got any diseases, of course. 🙂

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