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20th Century Voyage

To quote codepoet:

20th Century Voyage is by far the best screen saver I've seen written for Mac OS X. Against a beautiful background of two translucent Earths spinning counter to each other, all the major events of the 20th century are displayed (war, music, movies, politics, inventions, etc.) with random quotations from various history-makers.

It's great. I'll be showing it off to people later today. And hey, that's a good question for a QotD…

2 Responses to "20th Century Voyage"

  1. I really liked 20th CV too. I'd like a simple interface to be able to add events to the timeline, but other than that, it's quite beautifully done.

  2. Does anybody remember 'Vista' from Afterdark. Somebody really needs to write that for OS X. That was my favorite screensaver (err, save Boris & The Lawn Mower guy put together, though that one was just more funny that it was good).