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QotD: Screensavers

Question: What's your favorite current and all-time screensaver?

My Answer: My favorite current one varies. I change my screensaver about once a week. Sometimes it's the Matrix one. Sometimes it's Flurry (not the bundled one, the better one with more streams). Sometimes it's seasonal (with snowflakes). My favorite screensaver of all time? It's gotta be the Marine Aquarium one. Of course, that costs $20, and apparently costs $30 if you want the new version with the clock… You get what you pay for: it's gorgeous.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Screensavers"

  1. I really like that one too. It is amazing. And the bubbles... mmmm... so soothing.

  2. Currently, my favorite screensaver is Marine Aquarium. It's so beautiful and lifelike and no need to feed the little biggers. I wonder if there's an option to have a floater every so often? 🙂

    My favorite screensaver of all time come back to when I was using System 7, After Dark's Disney set. There was one where Donald Duck is suspended by a rope over your desktop screen and painting it. Too bad there isn't an OS X version of that...

  3. // begin self serving comment

    Erik, have you tried our Fluid screensaver?

    I'm a bit biased, but I think it ranks right up there. Of course, it does use a ton of processor cycles while running (if you are the only user of your machine then it probably doesn't matter) but it can create some really amazing images.

    Alias/Wavefront have a Windows-only saver based on the same fluid model but our Mac one blows the corporate giant's away. 🙂

    // end self serving comment

  4. I'd just like to point out that the Marine Aquarium is on sale this week at CompUSA for $8 after rebates. Both the Mac and Windows versions.

  5. I have used Fluid, and I don't care for it much, really. But thanks.

  6. My favourite screensaver of all time is a small freeware "Climber Saver" I guess it's homepage is closed but it's available for download here.

  7. Hey, no problem. I don't presume that everybody likes everything we do. 🙂 Different strokes and all that.

  8. The aquarium screen saver is by far the best but the noise can make you need to go 🙂

    The matrix one gives me headaches - pass.

  9. Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to convert the Fluid Screensaver for OSX to work with windows XP????? :-)Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to my e-mail address with the subject line:Fluid

    Thanks in advance !

    Jeff McAlpin

  10. Did you find the Fliud Screensaver for Windows?