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FTPeel PB 3 Out

ftpeelicon.gifFTPeel Public Beta 3 can be downloaded by clicking the picture. This one's got a lot of improvements and bug fixes, some of which I'll list here.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred after closing a document when some other activity was occurring (like a download was going or a directory was being loaded).
  • The upload "percentage done" string is now displayed correctly.
  • FTPeel no longer mirrors .DS_Store files.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when trying to change directories with the "go to directory..." menu command while in column view.
  • FTPeel should now do a better job of remembering the window frame location and size after the application was quit with windows open, and then re-launched.
  • In list view, if sorting is activated, then the directory list will remain sorted after loading a new directory or transferring over new files, etc.
  • In column view, it's now possible to delete directories.
  • In column view, it's now possible to drag-and-drop upload files into the first column to the left.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the GetURL or OpenURL AppleScript commands were called, and the user began a transfer and then closed the FTP window.


  • When a download is completed, FTPeel now informs the Finder that the file has been added, so it should show up in the Finder immediately if the window is open.
  • Added keyboard navigation for list view.
  • In column view, it's now possible to rename files (but not folders) in directories.
  • In column view, right-clicking or Control-clicking on a file will select it if it's not already selected, in addition to showing the contextual menu.
  • All of the formatters listed in the Text Formatting preference pane now work.
  • Return (instead of Space) is now used to open directories and download files.
  • When doing a drag-and-drop download, the "image" that appears under the mouse should now be the same as the file's icon.
  • Improved FTPeel's compatibility with FTP servers that run Microsoft IIS as server software.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks, tweaked the CPU usage, etc.

New features:

  • Added a new View menu.
  • Added hot-switching between list and column views (that is, the ability to switch views without having to close the window and change the preference). There's now menu items, keyboard shortcuts (Command-2 for list view, Command-3 for column view), and a toolbar item available to switch views on the fly.
  • Also, the FTP window toolbar can be hidden or customized from the View menu.
  • Added a "send raw FTP command" feature. It's in the Transfer menu. This command can be used to change permissions on files, set server-specific options, etc.
  • Added an "edit in BBEdit" feature. It's also in the Transfer menu.
  • Added menu items and keyboard shortcuts for making a new directory (Shift-Command-N), reloading (Command-R), renaming (Shift-Command-R), and deleting (Command-Delete).
  • By default, FTPeel now uses the user's default download directory for downloads as set in the Internet preference pane. To go back to using a custom directory for downloads, take a look at the Transfers preference pane.
  • FTPeel can now save FTP URL files to disk. These files comply with the Mac OS X standards for portable URL files. For security reasons, FTPeel will not save passwords into these files; however, if keychain usage is turned on, then FTPeel will try to use the keychain to obtain a password for the URL. To make it so that FTP URL files will launch FTPeel, make sure FTPeel is the default FTP client.
  • Transfers in the Transfers window can now be sorted by their file names or transfer status by clicking on a table column.

Known problems:

  • Drag-and-drop downloading doesn't work in column view.
  • After starting a drag-and-drop download from the list view, you will need to click in the window somewhere to "unfreeze" the application.
  • Right now, FTPeel only supports the GetURL and OpenURL AppleScript commands. We plan to have better AppleScript support in a future release.
  • FTPeel only supports FTP servers that report standard-format directory listings. This works for the vast majority of FTP servers, but if FTPeel is connected to a server that returns a non-standard directory listing, such as a directory listing that's missing owner or group names, then FTPeel will get confused and think the directory is empty.
  • FTPeel may not be 100% compatible with the following FTP server programs: AppleShare IP, War FTP.

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  1. great, but unless there isn't a "non passive-mode" it's not useable...