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Keira Knightley… Or Not

I hate spam. Sometimes, however, it makes me chuckle:

From: Keira Knightly <>
Subject: ADV: Pirates of the Caribbean Stars Naked! - Must be 18 Years or Older

Uhhh, right. Oh well. If the real Keira ever wants to email me, she should feel free. 😉

19 Responses to "Keira Knightley… Or Not"

  1. I actually have no problems with spam like that. At least they are following a convention that announces that they are in fact spam.


  2. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keira you .................................

  3. Yeah, unsolicited mail like that should have to follow a format. But then I suppose that defeats the purpose of it anyway and allows people to filter it. Oh damn me for playing Devil's advocate to myself. I hate that spam has gotten so smart that my Junk filter will sometimes miss it, and sometimes it'll catch something that's not spam at all.

    Still though, there are issues with spam. Consider my most recent experience. It sucks when you have spam making it's appearence where it shouldn't be at all.


    Keira I love you =)


  6. Keira I love you to death baby. You are sooo gorgeous, love.

  7. your the sexiest woman on earth

  8. Yes, my name is Norman Mallett, i am a 17 years old and wish to say to all the guys who wish they have a chance with keira say such nice pick-up lines such i quote "kiera i love you baby" or " you're the hottest woman on earth" yes she might think it's flattering but she aint gonna drop much all for that just to come and think what i dog!! anyways keira i think you are a very young attractive star and should make all the boys drop dead.

  9. hi keira ur da hottest gurl in tha world my room iz full of posters of u

  10. hi hun how r u ur hot n stuff and i love u

  11. Keira knightly you rock! I have seen every single movie that you starred in, they were awesome. Well keep it up, and you're sooooooooo hot!

  12. thanks boys. I should feel very ablidged that you love me so much. which one of you is up for a date?

  13. Hi im Sal ,im 20 years old i feel like an idiot of what im going 2 say but what the hell, keira knightly is all worth it. if your truly keira i would say your a beauty your smile and eyes your just perfect and i just wish you were not a star but more like a i could have a chance to speak to u>

    thats what i would say if i c keira knightly

  14. Hi keira, I went to all the website that i can find something to sent u a message, which is to the best girl in this earth...

  15. Hello Keira

    I think you are a very talented young actress, not to mention also beautiful. I really want to become an actress but I`m not entirely sure how someone such as myself can get into that type of business. If you have any tips please feel free to contact me at

    thanks 🙂

  16. Might i say that, if you really ARE the fair Maiden Knightley, that it is not nice to tease us in such a way.

  17. hi my name is gary and if this is the real keira knightley oh my god u rock and are the best actress on this earth please email me please it would mean the world to me. you are brilliant in the hole pirates of the carabbean the jaket starwars and king arthur please email me

  18. im not in lve with keira but love her attitude and many mature decisions. im a year younger and would greatly love to meet her or just even talk to her. Im very interested in her thinkings

  19. hey keira i would like to ask you how did you become an actress. cause i would like to be an actress like you from how much i like you and your attitude would you give me some tips on how to be an actress. by the way im 12 yrs contact me on i was asking my friend in England Abi if she saw you or knew if you were going to dubai this summer i would love to see you and become an actress like you.