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QotD: Hairless

Question: Would you rather a girl be completely hairless or not shave at all?

My Answer: Not shaving at all means you've got three bushes where you normally don't want 'em: two under the armpits and one in the legpit (for lack of an, uhhh, appropriate term). Shaving completely means hair and eyebrows too - a tough look to pull off for any woman. Frankly, I'll go with the latter. Armpit hair on a gal is higher up on my list of "gross things" than a bald woman, and I know I don't like hair stuck between my teeth…

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17 Responses to "QotD: Hairless"

  1. I'll be the first to admit it: I HATE hair. I've threatened to shave my head before in an almost-serious way because I insist that life must be so much easier that way… But seriously, Erik, when you're old and gray, if you're married, do you want to look next to you in the morning and see a wrinkled, hairless, eyebrowless woman? I, for one, don't want to be eyebrowless at any stage of my life, and when I'm old I will dread my hair falling out. You choose completely shaven for your little fantasy now, but in the long run, I assume you'd rather see a little hair from beneath a woman's armpits than a wrinkled, naked scalp pale in color with purple veins for decoration. I doubt if the "hair-between-the-teeth" argument would have much validity at that point… I hope you'd be running in the other direction. Eep.

  2. Maybe I don't plan to get old. 🙂

  3. I really don't like bodyhair, but I also don't want some girl to shave her head for me. I choose happy medium.

  4. Well if happy medium were an option, I think we would all choose it, yes/no?

    Anyway, I'd go with the hair. It's not so gross - I mean I've got it - why can't she? And I think there's something that freaks me out about the whole shaved pubes idea (once again, lack of an acceptable term). It seems so unnatural and just the tiniest bit pedophilic. There's some great saying that applies here about how you can't love somethin if you don't love somethin else, but I don't really remember the details. 🙂

  5. For sure I would take the hairy girl! 😀

  6. Shaved, but then again, that's just a preference. Persis Khambatta was pretty darn hot.

  7. Do all you guys who want hairless women shave as well? I don't like hair in my mouth either! >;-P

  8. Sure thing! 🙂

  9. I think all the bald, hairless women of the world need love too. I have seen and had the pleasure to meet some very nice (and incredibly beautiful) women with shaved heads. Hell, look at Eve Salvail (www). Sadly, I have never met her.

  10. Tough choice. If I really HAD to make a choice, I'd probably go for completely shaved. But I guess I'd rather stay solo 🙂 Best thing of course is shaved armpits and pubes area, and beautiful head-hair. (And, of course, normal eyebrows)

  11. Eve Salvail looks just like Macaulay Culkin in this picture.

  12. not me i like my girls bold

    i think it's sexy a girl with a shiney head

  13. 100% bald for my woman, no matter what the years hold for us she looks like a million with a smooth bald scalp and no eyebrows. In fact no hair at all is the best and you don't have to keep spitting it out.

    Smooth slick and sleek is the best as far as I'm concerned, if you are fortunate enough to find a woman who fits that description you are truly in luck.

  14. Definitely shaved, I don't mean the head though. My gf shaves her body real nice and I love it everyday! And just because a woman who "chose" not to shave doesn't mean she's making a statement or some important political statement! We are social animals and we DO seek approvals ... nothing wrong with that .But those few hairy women wanted to take advantage and try and convince the rest not to shave to just please their boyfriends or husbands. Making men the enemies! I am referring to those women who at the drop of the hat says..." what have you done for me lately? .. why should I do it, what about you?" They happen to wrongly believe that everything in life has to be exactly half and half! Real world doesn't work that way!

  15. there's nothing wrong with men wanting women to be smooth and hairless. What is wrong is with those feminists who are loosing a few screws and advocate to young women to do what they want them to do! When it comes to demands, I think as a woman, we have way more demands for our idealistic men than they have for us! Think about it. And let's not forget that the men almost have to be mind-readers to know what we want, heck! We don't even know what we want sometimes. Meanwhile, we know that men love women with smooth hair free legs. Easy enough , straight forward. Let's shave for our men!!

  16. Completely hairless, of course.

  17. I had the good fortune to know a few women who shaved their heads and bodies. There was even one who even shaved of her eyebrows and plucked out her eyelashes. She had a major hair fetish which compelled her to be completely bald and hairless. I loved the look on all of them. I even joined them. Being a couple who are smooth from head to toe is a major turn-on. It was especially great when we got into a mutual head and body shaving scene. I have to admit that sometimes these had play elements of S&M.

    Over time I developed a desire for women who were more than shaved; whose heads glistened with no hint of a shadow on the scalp. This was when I discovered women who have alopcecia. You have ot be carefuul here because some sufferers want to do nothing else but hide their baldness while others revel in their complete "nudity" and often go out without a wig. I can almost always tell when a woman is naturally bald and hairless. Even without seeing the scalp, which can be a giveaway that the woman is shaved or truoly bald, there is a subliminal awareness that all her head and body hair has fallen out. You just look at her and you are aware of the fact that she is just one endless slippery body, much like a dolphin.

    I really love a naturally glossy bald woman who has no hair to cover any part of her naked body. I may have said this; the naturally hairless woman is the ulimate nude woman.