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Cingular = Crappy Phones

Y'know, I like Cingular. I really do. They've got good coverage, decent rates, and sales offices all over. They're not too bad. They're certainly not Verizon, that's for sure!

They suck at one important thing, however: phone choice. I got my Motorola V60 last March or so, and it's still the best phone they offer. Bluetooth? Ha! PDA stuff? Ha ha! They've got the following pathetic offering:

  • Sony-Ericsson T62u (free)
  • Nokia 6340i (free)
  • Motorola C331t ($50)
  • Nokia 3650 ($130)
  • Nokia 8265i ($130)
  • Motorola v60ti ($150)


FWIW, I almost never use my HipTop. I need to find a way to cancel that T-Mobile contract without paying lots of penalties or something.

12 Responses to "Cingular = Crappy Phones"

  1. They will be offering the T616 in a week or so. Not bad. It's a nice little phone, but I'd go for the T610 as it is exactly the same but can be used world wide.

  2. I think I'd get the T616 if that's true. Hopefully they'll have them in a week as you say. Hrm. Bluetooth… I'm still absolutely positive I don't want my entire address book on my cell phone, y'know?

  3. The Nokia 3650 has bluetooth and a camera. What's so bad about that?

  4. Yeah, exactly. I've had my Nokia 3650 for about a month now and I'm really, really happy with it. There's no iCal calendaring support yet, but you can still synch your addressbook and upload files/apps and download pictures pretty easily.

  5. Some cingular channels have already gotten t616 shipments. Check the website... It's available in NYC area but not in my area (Tampa).

    Also, I think you meant the Nokia 3560, not the 3650. The 3560 is TDMA while the 3650 is GSM. Cingular is not GSM in all locations yet (such as Tampa and most likely your area as the phone listings are exactly the same).

    Anyway, while talking about the 3650. It's a brick compared to the T616...

    It's 4.59oz and 5.10" x 2.24" x 1.00".

    The t616 is 3.35oz and 4.02" x 1.73" x 0.75...

  6. Crap. Should have mentioned. Don't hold out for the T616. According to the phones you mentioned, Cingular isn't GSM in your area yet. You're limited to TDMA offerings. As you found out, the TDMA offerings are really lame.

  7. Damn you Jon! 🙂

  8. Maybe I'll switch to T-Mobile. I could trade my HipTop plan in for a cooler plan and see what that gets me. Hmm…

  9. Someone likes Cingular?

    Well, I guess it had to happen... Not everyone is used to ubiquitous mobile phone service, especially here in the US. I remember back in England in 1994, my cousin had a cell phone that worked everywhere (including the London Underground). Erik states:...

  10. T-Mobile really pulled a zinger by allowing anyone to add unlimited GPRS to their GSM plan for $20/month. If you have a Bluetooth phone you can use GPRS wirelessly on your 12". Very slick. No matter where around town you are, you can get online. No need to look for a starbucks or a free WiFi hot spot.

    I'm thinking of doing that once I get a 12" (waiting to see if they will be updated in the near future).

  11. "My New Cell Phone" is one of the lamest damn titles I've ever put on my blog. Like any of you care. Why am I...

  12. Cingular

    Erik says: Y'know, I like Cingular . I really do. They've got good coverage, decent rates, and sales offices all over. They're not too bad. They're certainly not Verizon, that's for sure!I agree. He's also right that they don't have...