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Climbing Again: 5.8 is Me

Gabe and I finally went climbing again after nearly a two month absense from the wall-scaling world. Long story short: "ouch" and "ugh." The ouch: I was attempting a 9.1 climb with a very slanted foothold. I went for a reach, my foot slipped off and out, and then my foot (specifically my big toe) slammed into the wall. When your toes are already small because they're cramped into a tight climbing shoe, banging them against a wall doesn't help. The ugh? We're out of practice. Gabe and I both couldn't climb routes we could have climbed a few months ago. I was limited strictly to 5.8 routes and Gabe could barely manage some of the 5.9s he tried, and couldn't do any 5.9+s. We suck. 🙂 We'll get better, though, and hopefully we'll get back on a regular schedule.

One Response to "Climbing Again: 5.8 is Me"

  1. i'm jealous! it has been WAY too long since the last time I've gone climbing, I've definately got to get back into it soon. maybe i should stop trying to find time and start making it 🙂

    have fun, heal up and climb on!