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QotD: Books

Question: If your children could read only three books while growing up, which would you have them read?

My Answer: Some questions you simply can't answer. This one is close. I liked Where the Red Fern Grows quite a bit. I liked a hundred other books quite a bit. Three books? To cover the entire range of human expression from birth until the age of 12 or so (that's how I define "while growing up" - that or it's an infinite process)? It can't be done. Instead, my answer is "any three they want." I'll read the rest to them.

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One Response to "QotD: Books"

  1. I agree with the statement that only 3 would be impossible, but I'd like to recommend "The Great Brain" by John D. Fitzgerald (and illustrated by Mercer Mayer), and the rest of the series, to any child. My favourite books growing up.

    I'd recommend the Hard Cover editions, as the paperbacks have had their cover art redone, and the hard covers retain the illustrations that I love (and er... the paperbacks' cover art looks like shit)

    The Great Brain Series at Amazon