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Bye Bye T610

sony_ericsson_t610.jpgThis Wednesday I'm going to go back to T-Mobile in a local mall to return the T610 (and to the Radio Shack to return the Jabra Bluetooth headset). I thought I might do this a few days ago but have since decided. In the interest of KISS, I'm just going to stick with my Motorola v60 and Cingular's TDMA network.

I liked the cell phone itself. It was nice. I even bought a Bluetooth adapter for my tower - something that I now realize is a bit premature - perhaps I can sell it to someone. The things that I didn't like - the poor screen visibility in the sunlight and some other minor things not even worth mentioning - could have been overcome by the "Bluetoothness" and the "polyphonicness" of the phone, as well as the games, the color screen, the style, the size, etc.

So why's it going back? T-Mobile's coverage in my apartment is non-existent. Simple as that. I had a HipTop a long time ago and returned it within T-Mobile's 14-day trial period because it didn't get coverage in my apartment. Last December I got another HipTop because I realized that I'd never use it in my apartment - it was a data device to me, not a phone, and for data I've got computers. When I'm on the road, though, it may come in handy as a Web browser or IM client. In reality, I haven't even used it as much as I'd like for that, but I'm bound to the one-year contract, so I'll finish it out (though at the reduced $29.99 "data only" rate).

When oh when will Cingular go GSM in my area so that I can get a cooler phone and the coverage I have come to expect on my little old v60?

6 Responses to "Bye Bye T610"

  1. You do realize that T-Mobile and Cingular share GSM networks in most places? Chances are that your GSM reception with Cingular will suck equally badly as it did with T-Mobile.

    A better bet for you would almost certainly be to call T-Mobile up, as a current customer, and tell them that your reception is bad in your area. It will get fixed, and you will be with a provider that doesn't suck, like Cingular currently does.

    I use T-Mobile with a T68i and a PowerBook G4 with BlueTooth. Its wonderful!

  2. They share it, yes, but Cingular also has more towers and the T-Mobile rep with whom I spoke said that they always sign co-promo deals. He specifically said that when Cingular goes GSM here (y'know, in a decade or so :-P) that they'd both basically gain access to each other's towers, soo coverage should really only get better (for both).

  3. Erik,

    Fair enough, I got your email, and you are essentially correct. I was not suggesting that you drop Cingular right away or suffer while T-Mobile doesn't cover your area.

    I was essentially trying to say that since you are currently a T-Mobile customer (as a result of your HipTop contract), you could in fact tell them that reception sucks in your apartment, and hope for the best. Chances are, they will do something about it. I had a similar problem in my area, reported it, and a month or two later, I went from 1 bar reception to 4-5 bars! I am sure it wasn't because of just me, but it obviously can't hurt.

    If and when the GSM signal improves (for either/both, as you stated above), wouldn't you rather be with T-Mobile considering that you already have a HipTop with them, and they support better phones? Personally, I would do the T-Mobile thing, but thats just me =)

    I have had a wonderful experience thus far with my $20/month unlimited data support on my cell plan with T-Mobile. I have been connecting to the internet all over the country through bluetooth and the cellphone network at reasonable speeds. Not sure how/if Cingular allows you to do this.

    Anyway, what it all comes down to is personal preference of pricing plans, phones, and coverage. Do whats best for you, right? =)

  4. Jon, you're missing a few points. One: Cingular has crappier phones because they're TDMA. When they go to GSM, I expect their phone support will change. They already support better phones in their GSM areas. Two, I'm already a Cingular customer, and have been since literally the day I moved here. So yes, I'm both a Cingular and a T-Mobile customer. I'll remain one until my plan for the HipTop expires in December unless I opt out earlier.

    I don't travel, so the data thing is fine and dandy (spectacular) if you need it, I imagine.

    I'm not trying to be argumentative, and I appreciate your insight, but I did want to point out some flaws (i.e. "you're aldready a customer", etc.).

  5. We cover

    Erik bringing back his T-Mobile phone is something that is all too familiar to me, and quite a few T-Mobile customers I know around here. My T68i has no reception at home, in the office (anywhere, there), at any of...

  6. No, they may not. If they deploy 850mhz GSM where Erik is, they won't have very much choice, nor nice phones, because of lack of market, 1900 GSM is only marginally better as it's also used in Canada.