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Fishing License

Not really being one to wait, I purchased a Florida freshwater fishing license today. Say that five times fast. I say "not being one to wait" because you can check the timestamp of my post earlier today to see when I first began to give it serious thought. I've not yet even got a kayak, but a new license should arrive in about a week.

Hey, it was only $13.50 (plus a buck or two for fees). It's good for a year. Florida has a lifetime license - something I'm pretty sure PA ain't got - for about $300. Not a bad deal at all! If I thought I might live in Florida for more than, oh (quick math: $300/$15.00) twenty years or so, I might do it, but twenty years is a long freakin' time. I'd probably lose it after two or three anyway. 🙂

I didn't add on the saltwater options. I may do so eventually, but I don't know jack squat about the freshwater fishing down here let alone the whole freakin' ocean.