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My First Limit and Fishing Renewed

fish_stringer.jpgThe June, 1987 issue of Great Lakes Fisherman, documents my first "limit" of fish - brown trout caught in 20 Mile Creek (because it was twenty miles from somewhere - 12 Mile Creek was also popular). I used to be quite the little trooper in a lot of ways. I fell through ice while fishing, I braved frostbite, I waded, I trolled, I cast, I baited, I tied. I hooked, I caught, I released, and I kept and ate.

My recent kayak research has led me back to fishing. I've found little time for golf down here lately - it's everywhere in Florida, but that also means it's crowded and expensive. I never really left nature, like my dad feels when I took up computers (and golf, hockey, etc.) instead of fishing and hunting - I just took up sports that were more accessible at the time (especially to a single).

Now I'm back to considering fishing again. Not saltwater fishing, necessarily (not on the ocean anyway) because I haven't got the gear. But my dad's got a lot of equipment he says he may donate, and I have a few lakes around that may provide a nice backdrop. I don't really know. I don't think I'll ever get into fishing like some people, but it may be relaxing to sit about on a kayak and toss around a lure for a few hours in the evenings.

Only 3-4 weeks until I get the darn kayak. Still much work to do beforehand, like, trying to decide where to put it…