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QotD: Hunting

Question: Hunting: good or bad?

My Answer: Good. No, not every hunter is good - some are outright pricks and they give the other 99% - the honest, sporting hunters - a bad name, just as a few bad CEOs can make everyone who owns a business seem a bit shady. However, the vast majority of hunters (and fisherman) care more about the wilderness, nature, and the creatures that inhabit it than any talking head saying "hunting is evil."

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9 Responses to "QotD: Hunting"

  1. hunting is not inherently bad. there are a lot of people who give hunting a bad name, but there are a lot more people who are good, honest sportsmen/women.

  2. I have to agree hunting is in no way bad, unless it doesn't go from being a sport to poaching or irresponsible killing. My father showed me how to appreciate animals and nature through it, as strange a sport it sounds for such teachings. It also shows you how to be responsible with firearms or other lethal weapons, I learned a respect for these out there and learned a lot about myself.

    Sorry this thing is so long, and probably confusing, my mind is on the new PowerMac G5 right now. 😀

  3. It depends on the country. I know that in Canada most people are honest, sporting hunters. They have a vast country that allows it. But in Switzerland, 99% of hunters are indeed outright pricks who rejoice at the idea of killing (and not hunting, which is about eating what you hunt) preferably protected species.

    Seriously, a guy once shot an Osprey (protected) and for his defence, said he mistook it for a Royal Eagle (protected too.) And although most 'shepherds' in Valais let their sheep unattended out of being too busy being board members of several companies in Zürich, I wouldn't be surprised if some did so as to have enough of them killed by a wolf in order to get the authorisation to shoot it.

  4. I forgot to add that a suitable way of curing hunters who suffer from downright prickness might be to make them hunt the Grizzli Bear in a small fenced wood, armed only with a Swiss Army Knife (the original model, that has no mechanism to prevent the blade from folding back on their fingers.)

  5. Me again. It turns out that it was actually a Bearded Vulture, not an Osprey, but the point remains.

  6. I've already posted a QotD on hunting, so I won't be doing that again. Feel free to answer there if the image here stirs you...

  7. In general I think hunting is not bad. It is the idiots who hunt just for pure profit and nothing else that make me sick, and in turn should not be aloud near a gun or for that matter any sharp object. Hunting can be a beutiful thing, and should be kept as just sport.

  8. To add on it is really a beutiful thing when a person uses a bow instead of a gun. The bow gives the experience of hunting more meaning and also gives the animal a chance to get away making it even more graceful and beutiful.

  9. Personally I think that hunting for sport in general is wrong. Why would anyone have the inscentive to kill an animal that shares this earth with us for fun. What is the purpose? A trophy? Money? "Pride"? It is wrong to murder an inferior being just to make yourself feel superior or "manly". What is that all about? I mean I have no problem with the people who hunt animals for food and they just want to save money for their families but those who kill for "fun"...if you want pride, leave our fellow animals alone.