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QotD: Move

Question: If you could move anywhere, where would you move?

My Answer: Paris, France. They have the best desserts and some pretty attractive women to boot!

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18 Responses to "QotD: Move"

  1. New York City, without question.

  2. Anyplace less homophobic than the US, which is pretty much anywhere outside the middle east.

  3. Indianapolis, IN or Louisville, KY

  4. Let's see, let's see. Where would I move. Possibily London to go bashing around. Or maybe Sydney and visit the outback. Or maybe just move to Yen Ching...

  5. I'm thinking Telluride. Beautiful scenery, good skiing close by. Just a nice place to chill and relax. Lake Powell and Monument Valley are fairly short drives which is another bonus.

  6. See you there, Erik.

  7. You know what I hate about France? That they refuse to speak English with tourists.

    In Charles De Gaulle International Airport, for instance, you cannot order a coffee and a sandwich from the cafe unless you speak French. It's a god damn international airport, who are these airheads?

    That depends on who's standing there at the very minute you want service, of course, but I still hate the fact that you can potentially work in a cafe or shop at an international airport and not be expected to know even five words in the English language.

    Same thing with Air France's flight attendances. English? Excuse moi? Or whatever.

    I also hate the way they shout in the speakers of airports, and planes, in their totally incomprehensible version of "English".

    It's arrogant, god damn it!

  8. Dude, they speak French in France because that's they're language. They're not required by anyone to speak English. What's arrogant is people like you who expect everyone to cater to your needs. Learn a little bit of another language and quitcherbitchin'.

    Cet homme doit obtenir un contrôle de réalité.

  9. French women are particularly attractive? Care to elaborate? They have the same parts as all women, don't have any particular genetic traits that aren't already all over the world, and they speak French. That alone has got to be a turn off. 🙂

  10. Plus they don't shave.

  11. Gabe:

    I don't speak English natively, you fool, I'm Swedish. I can understand Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and English very well, and German if they don't speak too fast for me. I think I know a "little bit of another language".I'm talking about international airports here. It's about treating customers with some god damn respect, in this case a significant part of which, if not the majority, don't speak French.In Swedish international airports, as with all other international airports I've ever been to (which are a handfull), they are willing and able to communicate with others than locals. In France, they're not, they just give you a blank stare. And that's arrogant.

  12. Somewhere on the British Isles, or Ireland 🙂

  13. ...and I knew that you spoke all these languages because you expressed an understanding of other cultures? Nope, You didn't.

    Plus, your language concerning the French was not limited to the international airports. You mentioned clearly that you dislike the French beccause they are rude and merely used the airport as an example. Clearly, it's an issue of you disliking the French as a whole. Perhaps some douche bag at the French airport was an arrogant prick, that does determine that all French people are like that. You are clearly making generalizations about one particular kind of people based on an experience at an airport. People around the world are like that Tomas! I went to Montreal and some people, not all but some, refused to speak English to me knowing full well that they could speak the language. My point is this: They don't need to speak your language. Is it a pain in the arse? Possibly.

    But that doesn't give you the right to disparage a people because you have an axe to grind about a trumped up issue such as customer service. It's pretty obvious to me you're prejudiced against the French because you went out of your way to go off-topic and say something about them. So in that case, just mention where you'd love to move to and close this issue.

  14. Dublin, Ireland - more pubs per capita than anywhere else in the world 🙂

  15. Gabe:Could you, please, stop making assumptions about me? Pretty please? What the hell do you know about where I've been in France?Do I have to tell you my entire life's story to convey the opinion that it's rude to refuse to communicate with tourists coming to your country?Just about all other countries try to communicate with their tourists. Heck, I could go to Alanya, Turkey and order a meal in Swedish.If you're, right now, preparing to write another assumption about me, don't. Because, you have no idea.It is arrogant to assume that all people going through an international airport are locals, they don't do that just about anywhere in Europe, except in France.

  16. Hey, Gabe, not to be a party pooper or anything, but Houston, TX is an international airport, and they barely speak English. 😉

    If you travel to Texas, learn Spanish.

  17. That's pretty funny. But I wouldn't have a problem; I speak Spanish. 🙂

  18. Melbourne Australia is really nice. I could live there. And going from the U.S. to Australia seems like escaping all the troubles that make the US uncomfortable lately.