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QotD: Strip

Question: How many strip clubs have you been to? How many had male strippers?

My Answer: I've been to one strip club. One. I went about six times (two times a year for three years straight). That's it. I haven't gone since I came to Florida.

What's odd about a strip club is that it's a great place to go with your guy friends, and not just for the normal reasons. If you invite guy friends over to study, you end up bitching about classes or talking about the hottie in your physics class. If you invite them over to watch sports, you talk about sports. Invite a bunch of guys to a strip club and, in my experience, you end up talking about stuff that matters - life, family, trials and tribulations - and the awkward silences are easily filled with "look, naked hot chicks everywhere!"

P.S. No male strippers. Not even any alcohol - but all the Coke you could drink for $6 cover charge!

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6 Responses to "QotD: Strip"

  1. One strip club. One time. It was dark, smoky, and when a big fat stipper danced around the pole I nearly puked. And the strongest drink I had was a Diet Coke!

  2. A couple of different clubs for a total of about 3 times near as I can remember, and at least two of those were bachelor parties. And yes, about the same things happened, that casual hang out and talk but with naked chicks in the background.

  3. Never been. Don't have any desire to go either.

  4. I have only been to one and only once. Some friends took me for my birthday a couple of years ago. It happened to be the day after Thanksgiving and it was completely empty. It was a strange experience, that I don't think I'll repeat anytime soon. Especial with a $20 cover and no alcohol.

  5. I've been to two strip clubs. One in Vegas called, cleverly enough, Striptease, and the other, closer to home in the City of Industry. Since I'm not a heavy alcohol-drinker, the one closer to home is one I'll visit again, if I ever get the chance and feel like drinking a lot of over-priced soda ;).

  6. I find it sort of funny when I talk to some friends of mine how they adamently don't want to go to a strip club and the sort of unspoken belief of what goes on their. They seem quite surprised (and unbelieving) when I tell them my last experience (hanging in the corner drinking beer with friends with most of our backs to the naked women). I'm sure they expect that it's nothing but a complete den of sin with mass orgies breaking out and what not. Not that I'm a big strip club person (as I said before), but you should IMHO at least try something once before completely dismissing it (well, other than things like murder and whatnot).