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So today I "rejoined" Friendster. I had joined quite a few months ago, when my pal Mike invited me, and then I'd basically done nothing with it. Today, another friend mentioned it. I signed up as his friend, then spent a few minutes exploring "the network." I sent a few messages to some chicks (of course!), just to gauge the response, and hopefully eventually I'll be able to find some gals (and guys) with which to do things like kayak, blade, ride bikes, whatever.

We'll see. It's an amazing little bit of technology. I've heard it goes down fairly frequently in the past, but perhaps that's changed lately.

If you're on Friendster, and you consider me a friend (a word I reserve for those I've actually gotten to know quite well, typically), well send me an invitation or add me as a friend and I'll approve you. You can find me pretty easily if you know my full name - there ain't many of us walking around this earth.

One Response to "Friendster"

  1. My initial reaction after being a member for a whole twenty minutes is that this thing seems like a major sausagefest 😀