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Miscellaneous Sunday

Just a miscellaneous Sunday.

A close friend of mine moved to Orlando. We've not been seeing eye to eye lately and are both a little confused about a bunch of things, but I'm confident that we can pull through.

José got back from a trip and will come back next Friday to help me put up my kayak pulley system (and a bike hanger too, I think). I'm really looking forward to that.

My apartment is as messy as it's ever been. Since my mother and grandmother are coming to stay for a week very soon, it's going to get a major cleaning very very soon. I realized that most of my storage is taken up by storage. In other words, a lot of the crap that I should throw out is boxes: my 12" PowerBook box, my display's box, my printer's box. I keep them because I figure it will be easier to sell them, and plus should I need to move, I've got lots of boxes, but they're impeding my ability to live as comfortably as I could if I replaced the storage with stuff that actually needs stored instead of finding a home for it on the floor.

The book deal I mentioned on April 23 has still not come to fruition. I'm beginning to get very frustrated at the rate at which the whole thing is progressing. I've been ready to "bust out" and "crank it out" for two months now, and I'm being held back by… by I don't know what. Hopefully soon.