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Mario Golf

mario_golf.jpgSo, apparently Mario Golf came out today. I fell asleep at the wheel and the release date slipped by my radar, to mix a metaphor or two. Mario Golf on the N64 was one of my favorite games, bar none.

Oddly enough it also had one of the better physics engines. Players had a natural draw or a fade, some were weaker or stronger. Lies on hills (sidehills and up/downhill) affected your shot. The wind acted as wind does. Mario Golf had cartoon characters, yeah, but the physics engine, however simplified, beat some of the more "serious" games out there.

I'm looking forward to beating José. Now where oh where is Mario Kart?

4 Responses to "Mario Golf"

  1. Ooh ooh! Another Mario game! Excitement and beautiful graphics and... birdies. Well, maybe not. I am a total Mario Sunshine addict, and suffering from sweet anticipation for Mario Kart and Mario 128, but I doubt Mario Golf will quench my appetite seeing as I loathe the 'sport.' This is a sad day for me. 🙁

  2. It did? Really? Dang, Panther is messing me up more than I thought. I love that game. Mario Kart is out in November (the 17th or so), and I too am anticipating what will come of the elusive "Mario 128".

  3. Mario Golf is pretty cool. Played it a little of a demo disk of it. Might have to pick it up.

    I really can't wait for Mario Kart. They just really need to put internet play into it. I want to be able to kick Erik's ass. 😛

  4. FYI, *all* games on the N64 used the exact same *physics engine*. It was built into the very console, as was the game engine. Each game could build on top of what was available, of course, but not by a whole lot.