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Gaming and Golf

mario_golf.jpgToday I picked up my copy of Mario Golf. First impression: fun, but a bit too easy and disappointing. Perhaps it will grow on me. The problems that I've got with it are two-fold. First, it seems quite a bit simpler than I remember. I recall the N64 version being a little bit more difficult. Perhaps "more realistic" is the word - I know it's a cartoon, but the GameCube version seems a bit more over the top. Second, the mini games: I will almost never play Ring Golf or the Coin Golf or any of the other modes. I typically play alone, and José and I played them last night and didn't even enjoy them very much. Plus, my favorite mini game from the N64 version seems to have been removed: mini golf! Y'know, just putting…

I also picked up some other things while I was out today:

  • Broadband adapter for my GameCube
  • Network adapter for my PS2
  • GameBoy Adapter for my GameCube

Why did I buy a broadband adapter for my GameCube? I think it's human nature to hope, and I'm very, very hopeful that Mario Kart will make use of the network adapter to allow play against other people (and not some cop-out like posting high scores to a website). For the PS2? I dunno. Because I could? I rarely play the PS2 anymore, but it's actually got some networked sports games from EA, doesn't it?

Much more research is necessary. But not this weekend: my mother and grandmother are visiting.