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QotD: Sex Toll

Question: If you had to pay one dollar for every time you thought of sex in any form, how long would it be before you went bankrupt?

My Answer: Since I've got school loans, a car loan, etc., my net worth is probably already $0. But let's assume I own everything and have no debt. I sometimes think that I think about sex less than almost any other guy in the world, and yet sometimes I have two hour conversations about it, so those would certainly ding the old pocketbook. One doller per thought? Let's go with a three months as a complete guess.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Sex Toll"

  1. I would have to pay only one dollar...

    because I think always of sex... continously!

  2. I don't consider myself a pervert by any means, but I think I'm more along the 3 days range, even with the no debt stipulation. Course, working in an office where all the summer help are just-out-of-high-school hotties doesn't help 🙂

  3. I'd be like a reverse slot machine gone wild. If it's a weekend and I'm at the beach I'd be broke in a day.

  4. Well, actually, that depends. Sometime it would be two hours, others it would take months, but normally, about 2 weeks or so.