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QotD: Countries

Question: How many countries have you visited?

My Answer: All of three: the United States of America (duh), Canada, and France. I didn't even have a layover in Portugal or anything. 🙁

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12 Responses to "QotD: Countries"

  1. Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico (does that even count?), Jamaica, USA, Italy. I think that is all.

  2. Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Turkey, Malta, Tunesia. You get around a lot when you're living in a small country 🙂

  3. Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Spain (Teneriffa Isle & La Gomera Isle), Netherlands. I'm living in Germany.

  4. Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and the US.

  5. Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Greece, Vatican

    After next Month: France, Great Britain, Ireland (and maybe Netherlands and Belgium)

    Living in Austria. Visiting foreign countries is always a great experience 🙂

  6. Let me see... Switzerland, Liechtenstein, England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, USA.

    That makes 18. 19 when I go to Chili to work on the Very Large Telescope 😀

  7. How many countries have you visited?

    This time Eric askes a question, I love to anwer. Just because I can answer it and write a little bit about it! 😉 As I call travelling one of my hobbies, there are many countries I visited: Germany (my home country), Swizerland, Austria, Italia, San ...

  8. US, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, England, Italy, and France. I think that's all of 'em. Japan needs to find its' way onto this list though.

  9. Every country in the old EU, save for Greece and Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland.

  10. hmmm....

    France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, (Baleares, Canary Islands,) Marocco, Tunesia, Nepal, Pakistan (just a flightstop and a prayer *g*) Ohio, Kentucky, N.Carolina, Utah, Californa.

    I'm swiss. so thats in too:-P I *do* know I cheated with the us states, but I thought you like the idea of it, hah

  11. Canada, US, Germany, UK, France, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, Martinique, Dominica... I think that's it. Some were very brief 🙁

  12. Hey Hasan,

    Turkey is not and was never in the EU.