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Got My Kayak

I dropped off my mother and my grandmother at the airport today, their visit having come to an end. I then went to pick up my kayak. All three items arrived home safely. You can see the kayak on my .Mac homepage. As you can tell from the first three shots, I didn't even take the darn thing out of the bubble wrap until I got home.

Getting the kayak up the stairs presented a bit of a challenge. I've got a few S-curves at the bottom of my stairs (dictated largely by railings, a tree or two, and some bushes). Not fun. Once the yak was upstairs, swinging it around into my apartment was not that big a deal. As you can see in the later shots, it pays to have vaulted ceilings!

Next, did some work until ten in the evening or so. Then, around 11:00, I was able to get out on the pond (some call it a lake, but having grown up on Lake Erie, well, this thing ain't a lake) at my apartment complex. I paddled up to the fountains a few times, did some laps, and in general, practiced my paddling. I'm fairly certain that I've got a paddle that is too short: 220cm. I think I'll trade it in for a 230cm paddle when I get the chance (today? tomorrow?). That may mean another trip to Jupiter, but then again, maybe I can get in a paddle up there… they have some interesting little canals and things.

What have I got going on the next two days? Work. I've got a freelance project on which I'm working, and for which I have a meeting on Wednesday. I'll get out in my kayak as much as possible (one or two times). I'm really interested in a pair of gals at the moment - Kim and Alissa. Hopefully I'll get to spend time with one of them soon - they seem like great gals and I am looking forward to getting to know them better.

Yay! I got my kayak!

One Response to "Got My Kayak"

  1. Once the yak was upstairs, swinging it around into my apartment was not that big a deal.

    I don't know if this was a typo, or if 'yak' is a commonly accepted shortening of 'kayak', but damn if that didn't give me a laugh when I read it. Vaulted ceilings would definitely be a plus when swinging large, hairy animals around in one's apartment!